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  • The rich sorbitol ingredients can effectively clean the stains on the tooth surface, supplement the nutrients required by the gums, and maintain oral health.
  • The purple tooth-whitening toothpaste can correct the yellow teeth, and use the color correction technology to brighten the teeth and balance the different colors in the teeth, which has an excellent effect on tooth whitening.
  • Repair enamel damage, keep teeth white and avoid stains. It is suitable for cleaning stubborn tooth stains such as cigarette stains, tea stains and coffee stains accumulated for a long time on teeth.
  • Eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth, keep the fragrance for a long time, and avoid embarrassment.
  • Safe and effective toothpaste, suitable for family members, can effectively replace ordinary toothpaste.
    It will not affect using it once, please use it continuously. Its effect will start appearing in 2-3 weeks and it depends on your teeth.

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